Enabling Pan-African Trade Via Borderless Payment Solutions

Join us on this journey towards a prosperous and connected Africa. Together, we can reshape the future of commerce on the Pan-African stage.

We don't just envision a brighter financial future for Africa. We're making it a reality.

In an era of growing economic collaboration across the African continent, ZeGidPay is committed to enabling and simplifying Pan-African trade. With a deep-rooted passion for innovation and a mission to transform the way businesses and individuals transact globally, we're reshaping Africa's financial landscape for the better.

Who We Are

We're not just a company; we're a catalyst for change.

We are a trailblazing Pan-African financial technology company dedicated to fostering financial empowerment and inclusivity across the continent.


To be the foremost driving force behind Africa's financial empowerment, connecting businesses and individuals with seamless global payment solutions, and paving the way for economic growth and prosperity across the continent.


To simplify cross-border payments, facilitate international trade, and foster financial independence by providing innovative, secure, and user-friendly payment solutions.

ZeGidPay was built on three fundamental ideas

Seamless Pan-Africa Trade

Unlocking Borders for Effortless Cross-Continental Commerce

Business Growth

Empowering African Enterprises to Thrive and Expand

Connected People

Bringing Communities Together Through Financial Connectivity

Real People. Real Relationships.

ZeGidPay is more than a financial platform; it's a catalyst for change, a facilitator of dreams, and a driving force behind the Pan-African economic revolution.

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Confident business team.

Our Story

At ZeGidPay, our journey is rooted in a deep commitment to the people and businesses of Africa. Our story begins with the vision of creating a financial ecosystem that transcends borders, enabling seamless transactions and fostering economic growth throughout the continent. Driven by the belief that Pan-African trade is the key to prosperity, we embarked on a mission to connect individuals and enterprises across Africa.
We recognized the need for accessible and innovative financial solutions that could bridge the gaps, eliminate barriers, and empower everyone to participate in the Pan-African economic renaissance.

What we offer

It’s more than a name. It’s a promise.

We are here to provide the tools and financial solutions that empower individuals and businesses to engage in seamless cross-border transactions, fostering economic growth and prosperity throughout Africa.

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